A dismembered body found in the Hollywood Hills last week has been identified as 66-year old Hervey Medellin of Los Angeles, Calif.

Medellin was a retired Mexicana airlines flight attendant, who reportedly worked for the airline for 20 years. He is also believed to have collected fine art.

Elizabeth Espinosa of KTLA said that those who knew Medellin described him as a very loving friend, someone who was very caring, outgoing, and who regularly walked his dog near where his body parts were found.

A man identifying himself as Medellin's boyfriend spoke to Espinosa in Spanish through the door of the apartment they shared late last week. He told he and Medellin had been together for a year, and that his boyfriend had been missing for days. He claimed to have already been questioned by the police.

He is believed to have filed a missing person's report on Jan. 9.

Medellin's friend told Vilma Aguilar told CBS the victim had met his boyfriend while hiking in Griffith Park. She claimed to be a very close friend of Medellin's, but said she had not spoken to him since October.

Medellin's niece told KTLA she had no idea her uncle was in a relationship. She said she had spoken to the man believed to be her uncle's boyfriend on the phone over the weekend.

He was just very short, that's all I could say, Christina Serenyo said. I don't know if he was agitated... I can't even guess. I don't know what happened.

On Saturday, police searched the apartment and took away bags of evidence. Investigators also removed a Honda vehicle believed to have been owned by Medellin.

Neighbors were shocked by the news.

We would walk our dogs together sometimes. He was very nice, very friendly, always smiled. I feel very sorry, neighbor Terry Brown told ABC News Los Angeles affiliate KABC.

Another neighbor said he had overheard an altercation believed to have come from Medellin's apartment about three weeks ago. Andrew Hill told reporters he heard yelling and screaming along with the sound of moving furniture at about 3 a.m. that night.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Medellin had once been married to a woman.

Sources told KCAL 9 they believe the murder was the result of a love triangle gone wrong.

At least one amateur following the case agrees that was the motive behind the grisly murder. In a series of bizarre YouTube posts, a video blogger who has taken an interest in the case offered advice to anyone considering a similar crime.

If you're thinking about killing someone because you're involved in a love triangle, or you're jealous, if you can't get a therapist or a psychologist right away, just turn yourself in to the police, said a man who regularly uploads content to the YouTube channel InteractiveHealing. The videos are usually in response to a violent crime in the news.

 Just say, 'hi, my name is so-and-so, I am in love with a guy and then there's another guy who is in my way, I'm thinking about killing him and cutting him up and throwing his body parts on a hiking trail around a cave.'

If you do that, then the police will know how to handle it...probably they will handcuff you. They will handcuff you and then have you get a psych evaluation. They might even let you go.

Maybe the police will advise you that you should not kill anyone, you should not dismember anyone because you'll spend the rest of your life in prison. And in prison, you're going to get a different kind of boyfriend. Probably not the kind that you were hoping for.

I hope this video didn't come across as comedic in any way, he added.

The video blogger invited Medellin's friends and family to collaborate with him on a video tribute to the victim.

Medellin's severed had was discovered Tuesday by two women walking dogs in Bronson Canyon, near the iconic Hollywood sign landmark. His hands and feet were later found nearby.

From the start, police have said the murder did not likely take place in the same area where the body parts were found.

We don't believe the murder occurred up here in the hills, Los Angeles Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith told reporters last week. Right now, there is somebody who committed murder somewhere out there.