It appears Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) weren’t able to make their relationship work out after all. In the Season 4 finale, Quinn made it clear to Carrie that he wanted to leave the CIA and start a normal life with her and her daughter, Frannie. Carrie was not interested, which resulted in Quinn rejoining the CIA for a secret overseas mission.

Well, bad news for “Homeland” fans looking for the Carrie/Quinn romance storyline to continue in Season 5. Deadline is reporting that while Friend will return to star in the forthcoming installment, set in Berlin, Danes’s character will have a new love interest this season. Alexander Fehling (“Inglourious Basterds”) has signed on to star as a series regular playing Jonas Happich, Carrie’s new “boyfriend” and a legal counselor for the Düring Foundation.

While what appears to be the end of Carrie and Quinn’s romantic relations may upset some Showtime viewers, it shouldn’t exactly come as a shock. In April, “Homeland” executive producer Alex Gansa told TVLine that his writers were having trouble navigating Carrie and Quinn’s storyline. 

“How much is just that they recognize each other so well? How much is the desire for both of them to move on pass this job that they do. Those are question that we’re struggling with,” Gansa said.

Other new faces joining the cast as series regulars for Season 5 include include Sarah Sokolovich, Miranda Otto and Sebastian Koch. Otto will reportedly play CIA Berlin station chief, Allison Carr. Koch will play Otto Düring, Carrie’s new boss. Sokolovich’s character, Laura Sutton, will work for the Düring Foundation as an American journalist.

In March, Showtime announced that this season of “Homeland” would kick off two years after Carrie’s return home from Islamabad. As viewers will remember, one of the final scenes from the Season 4 finale showed Carrie realizing that her longtime advisor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) appeared to be collaborating with two-timing CIA agent Dar Adal, played by F. Murray Abraham, who is also confirmed to be returning this season.

“Homeland” Season 5 is expected to begin filming in Berlin this week. The series will return to Showtime in the fall.