The hunt is on. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) learned her past was coming back to haunt her in episode 2 of “Homeland” Season 5 and in next Sunday’s installment, she will begin her quest to discover who is after her.

The synopsis for episode 3, titled “Super Powers,” reveals that Carrie and her boyfriend Jonas (Alexander Fehling) will “revisit her past” together.

“I really thought I left all of this behind,” Carrie tells Jonas in the promo for episode 3. When Jonas asks what her plan is, Carrie reveals she is going to make an enemies list of all those who could be suspected threats. However, as Jonas points out, that may be next to impossible.

“There are hundreds of names here,” he says as Carrie surrounds herself with photos of her 167 victims. “All civilians, killed by drones.”

But before Carrie can uncover who is after her, she may have to defend herself against someone who was previously very close to her. At the end of episode 2, secret assassin Quinn (Rupert Friend) learned his next target – many viewers suspecting it may be Carrie. In episode 3’s promo video it’s revealed that Quinn, Carrie's former almost lover, is seeking her out in Berlin, or as the synopsis states, stalking "his prey." Later in the promo Carrie can be seen crouching in the woods with a shotgun in her hand. “Carrie, I’m not chasing you!” a male voice yells at Carrie’s gun goes off.

Showtime isn't revealing how Carrie and Quinn will reconnect this season, but according to showrunner Meredith Stiehm, it will be dramatic. "It's two years later, and they've both moved on to other things," Stiehm recently told E! Online. "But something's always in the air and when they cross paths again, we'll see what happens. I'm excited to see where their paths cross."

While it appears Carrie will have her hands full with Quinn, he may not be her only enemy in episode 3. In the promo video Berlin Station Chief Allison Carr (Miranda Otto) tells her team to “keep an eye out for Carrie Mathison.” Allison’s request comes after she learned that Carrie works at The During Foundation, the very same place that employs the American journalist responsible for publishing documents that showed Germany was having the U.S. spy on their citizens for them.

Check out the photos and the promo video for"Homeland" episode 3 below:

Homeland_503_0423 Carrie (Claire Danes, left) chats with her boss, Otto During (Sebastian Koch), in a scene from "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_0274 Carrie (Claire Danes) reunites with her daughter Franny (Luna and Lotta Pfitzer) in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_2861 Allison Carr (Miranda Otto,left) and Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) have a heated discussion in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_2221 American journalist Laura (Sarah Sokolovic) continues her work for The During Foundation in a scene from "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_5625 Carrie (Claire Danes) will look to her past to find out who is out to get her in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_5645 Jonas (Alexander Fehling,right) tries to help Carrie (Claire Danes) uncover who is hunting her in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_0928 Carrie (Claire Danes, left) gets comforted by boyfriend Jonas (Alexander Fehling) in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3 are nearly escaping death. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_3688 Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) continues his quest to seek out his prey in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

Homeland_503_3020 Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham, left) and Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) in a scene from "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime

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