At the start of “Homeland” Season 5 Carrie appears to be settling into her new life in Berlin. Over two years after the events of the Season 4 finale, Carrie (Claire Danes) is going to church, raising her daughter Franny (Luna and Lotta Pfitze) with boyfriend Jonas (Alexander Fehling) and thriving at her job as the head of security for the During Foundation. Her chance at a normal life comes crashing down, however, when her past rears its ugly head in episode 1, “Separation Anxiety.”

A new threat appears on the horizon when Numan (Atheer Adel), a seeming hacktivist, breaks into a terrorist recruiting website. He posts a video on the site only to receive a ping from the CIA Berlin Station. He responds by hacking into the CIA’s computers and soon finds more than 13,000 classified files in his possession. 

At the CIA’s U.S. headquarters, Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) meets with Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) and Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin to talk about his two-year mission in Syria. He reveals he’s been in al-Raqqah heading up team of special ops. Quinn says the Islamic State has a strategy, to usher in a world without infidels, and he doesn’t think a few special forces teams can put a dent in their plans. He asks the U.S. to supply 200,000 troops on the ground indefinitely. When that's refused, he suggests they hit reset and make al-Raqqah “into a parking lot."

Meanwhile, Carrie’s boss, billionaire philanthropist Otto During (Sebastian Koch), tells her he wants her to go with him to visit a camp in Lebanon to help with the refugee crisis. Carrie advises him against going into a war zone. As she hems and haws over his plans, she receives word from her co-worker, American journalist Laura Sutton (Sarah Sokolovich), a classified document from the CIA, delivered via a hacker, has fallen into her lap. Laura says the file contains information regarding an illegal arrangement between German and American intelligence that states the Germans are having the U.S. spy for them. Carrie refuses to verify the documents, saying it would violate her agreements with the agency. Laura later publishes the file anyway.

Homeland_501_1284 Saul (Mandy Patinkin, left) and Carrie (Claire Danes) have a tense discussion in the "Homeland" Season 5 premiere. Photo: Showtime/Stephan Rabold

When Carrie visits with Berlin Station Chief Allison Carr (Miranda Otto) for help with her impending trip with During, Allison refuses to give her intel. While leaving, Carrie runs into Saul, the CIA’s European Division Chief. There is noticeable tension between the two, Saul accusing her of causing him to lose the bid for CIA director. Carrie denies his accusations. Saul says he’s fine with Carrie leaving the CIA, but asks her not to be naive and stupid. Carrie says she’s just trying to do good work. 

Back at the During Foundation, Carrie advises her boss to postpone their trip, saying she can’t promise his safety. He says he’s going to help out refugees because they're running out of essentials. He says he has to go to write check, and that with his visit, he can guarantee others will write checks, too.

Homeland_501_0377 Carrie (Claire Danes, right) meets with one of Abu Nazir's men in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 1. Photo: Showtime/Stephan Rabold

Carrie seeks out Sheik Hafiz (Samir Fuchs) in hopes he can get her security clearance from the council to have During visit Lebanon. He doesn’t give her any direct answers, but after leaving church, Carrie finds herself being attacked by three men and thrown into a van. She’s brought into an underground tunnel and one of Abu Nazir's men approaches her, blaming Carrie for the loss of his son. Carrie asks the man to give the council her request for During’s safe passage to go to the Lebanon camp to help end starvation and disease there. The man says he will fight her forever but allows her to return home safely. He later calls her to inform her the council has given During permission to visit the camp.

When Saul learns of the CIA hack, he meets with the Germans to reveal the leak. They tell him their surveillance deal is off. Saul refuses to call off the plan, saying it was put in place to track threats to the U.S. and Germany. When the Germans refuse to comply, he seeks Quinn’s help. After Quinn is seen blowing up an unknown man, he meets with Saul to discuss his next target. Saul informs him the Germans no longer want in and Quinn will not receive his support if caught. Quinn says he will “take care of” any name Saul gives him.

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