Brace yourselves, “Homeland” fans. Carrie (Claire Danes) is going to find herself in a new life threatening situation when Season 5 premieres.

Showtime just released the first trailer for the brand new season of “Homeland.” The footage features Claire Danes as CIA officer Carrie Mathison, and Mandy Patinkin as her mentor, Saul Berensen … and he’s giving Carrie some tough love.

“You turned your back on your entire life. What are you atoning for? Keeping America safe?” Saul asks Carrie. “You’re being naïve and stupid, something you never were before.”

“I’m not atoning,” Carrie fires back. “I’m just trying to do good work.”

The remaining few seconds in the clip show an explosion, gun fire and Carrie getting captured by two men who throw a black bag over her head. But that’s not all. The last teaser features a frightened and disheveled Carrie with a rifle in her hands … however, an unknown assailant puts her in a headlock from behind.

When “Homeland” fans last left off, Carrie had went to Dar’s (F. Murray Abraham) to get information on Quinn’s (Rupert Friend) whereabouts. Dar refused to tell her where he was stationed, so she threatened to expose Dar as a double agent. However, Carrie was in for a surprise when she discovered Saul outside of Dar’s place. He had seemingly decided to take Dar up on his offer to put his name on the list of potential successors for CIA director.

Season 5 will be set in Berlin and pick up two years after Carrie returned from Islamabad. The series is set to introduce a new love interest for Carrie, although Quinn is set to reappear. "Homeland" will return to Showtime this fall.