ASIMO can work a room.

The next-generation robot built by auto-maker Honda ran across a room, hopped on one foot and even poured itself a drink to the flash of cameras at its debut in Japan Tuesday.

The ASIMO robot, short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, originally debuted in 2000, but Honda officials said the latest model raised the bar with increased dexterity.

Sure the white plastic bot can run forward, walk backward, jump and hop on one foot, but the silent wonder also has five-fingered hands that can unscrew the lid off of a travel mug, set down the top and pour the liquid into a cup - all without spilling a drop.

The robot is also capable of using its hands for sign-language and possesses a strong mental capacity that includes face recognition and the ability to hear and distinguish several voices at once, which Honda officials noted is difficult even for a human being to accomplish.

Honda robots were not always so handy or eye-catching. The company's first humanoid robot was more than six feet tall and weighed a cumbersome 386 pounds, according to the company's Web site. The robots would just look like large metal boxes with legs before they developed into more human-looking machines in 1993

The current robot model stands at approximately four feet, three inches tall and weighs about 106 pounds. His lighter frame allows him to practically tiptoe his way around a room.

The little robot's capabilities didn't enamor everyone on the free-for all Internet. Comments left on websites said that the robot's running gait resembled someone who needs to go to the bathroom.

It runs as if it's pooped itself, one person commented on YouTube.

I'm glad they didn't put a face on it, that would be way too freaky, one person posted on Twitter. 

Honda officials see the new ASIMO developments as a major step forward towards having robots serving drinks around the house.

With these capabilities, the all-new ASIMO takes another step closer to practical use in an environment where it coexists with people, Honda officials said in a statement.