Japanese major Honda's Indian subsidiary Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) announced on Thursday that it was recalling 57,853 units of its mid-sized sedan City in the country for replacing a faulty engine part.

'HSCI is proactively replacing the parts (lost motion springs) which are compressed by rocker arms in normal engine use, may bend or break over time resulting in abnormal engine noise and potentially causing engine stalling,' the company said in a statement.

The recall would result in free-of-cost replacement of the spring, placed in the valve train inside the engine of the sedan.

'The replacement would be carried out free of cost and the company will communicate directly with the owners of the cars which are covered under this part replacement,' the statement said.

Dealerships have been updated about the part replacement and the new part is being dispatched to the dealerships in phases for smooth execution and to avoid any inconvenience to customers, HSCI said.

HSCI is carrying out the part replacement as part of a global exercise by Honda Motor Company to ensure stringent quality standards for its products, the company said. 

Globally, the carmaker is recalling more than 693,497 units of the Freed, Fit and City company models due to defective parts that could stall the engine and cause problems restarting.

The global recall does not impact the Honda Jazz sold in India. The recall announced by Honda applies to certain units of Fit/Jazz fitted with 1.5L i-VTEC engine, which is sold in other countries and not sold in India, HSCI said.

In January 2010, Honda recalled 8,532 units of its second-generation City sedan, manufactured in 2007, in India due to a defective power window switch, once again as part of a global recall initiative.