If your significant other cheats on you, it’s certainly unpleasant, but most of us get over it with the help of our friends, family and several pints of Ben and Jerry’s. But in some cases, sobbing simply won’t suffice.

Cheng, a 20-year-old woman in Hong Kong, who learned that her boyfriend, Chui, 23, had brought another woman back to his apartment, dealt with her betrayal publicly. When Cheng found out about Chui's indiscretion, she decided that his punishment should come in the form of beatings, and she ordered him to kneel down in front of her in a public street and proceeded to slap him across the face repeatedly.

Now ladies, don’t get any ideas. Cheng’s behavior did inevitably get her arrested.

As the scene played out around 5 p.m. on Oct. 4 in Kowloon City, a crowd of onlookers quickly formed, with some taking videos and posting them to YouTube.  The girl whom Chui allegedly took back to his apartment was standing next to the couple throughout the fight. Chui later insisted that the girl was never at his apartment.

The Daily Mail reports Cheng was screaming “You’re slandering me!” while witnesses seemed to be rooting for Chui, saying, “Stand up, ditch this ugly girl. You deserve better.”

The police arrived as the onlookers thought Cheng was taking it too far. Chui was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment and Cheng was arrested for assault, according to the Daily Mail.

Watch the full video: