Producers of the Netflix series “House of Cards” are seeking extras to play different roles in Season 4. Meanwhile, creator and executive producer Michael Dobbs teased about what the fans can expect to see next year and for how long the show can continue.

According to a casting announcement by Claim Fame, the producers are looking to cast “real amputees” as extras for some scenes that will be shot in late June and early July. The scenes are said to be “very specific” and based around “military honor.”

Another casting call announcement by Claim Fame previously had stated that the producers were looking for an extra to play a trooper in Dallas. The role had very specific criteria with regard to the actor's physical appearance.

The producers also put out a casting call for hundreds of extras at Claim Fame to play roles of supporters, photographers, reporters, boom men and videographers. The announcement was for a “big scene” to be shot in Baltimore or Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, Dobbs teased some of the elements that fans will get to see in Season 4. Speaking to Express, Dobbs said there will be “much more wickedness” in the next season. He also said fans will get to see some “great acting” and “great dialogues” that will leave them with a sense of wanting to see more. He said the show was so “compelling” because of its great writers and directors.

Dobbs didn’t reveal anything about the future of the relationship between the two main characters in the show. Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, had left Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, toward the end of Season 3. The executive producer said that “all politicians get their comeuppance at some point” and the real question was whether they would be able to come back from that situation.

“House of Cards” Season 4 will not be the last. Dobbs said the TV series will continue as long as the relationship between the Underwoods remains interesting, because the show is as much about their relationship as anything else.