For the sake of getting the high-end smartphone of their choice in a subsidized price, customers generally agree to the rule that makes the smartphone lock down to a particular carrier for a certain period of time; i.e., the user cannot use another network’s SIM card on the device during that time.

However, while travelling abroad or in areas where the carrier in use cannot provide adequate coverage or charge hefty roaming charges, the users often face problem with their locked smartphone. To avoid such situations, most smartphone users go for a carrier unlock for their devices.

Thanks to XDA Forum Member pid1981, the owners of the Sprint variant of Samsung Galaxy S3 can now unlock their device to switch to another carrier if they want. The developer has shared a method that allows Sprint Galaxy S3 users to change the SPC code (Service Programming Code) on their device to 000000, making the smartphone compatible to other CDMA carriers that support it.

“Although it isn’t exactly aimed at newbies, it should be simple enough to follow if you don’t mind doing a radio downgrade, some hex editing, and a radio upgrade,” said a post over at XDA Developers.

Here are the steps to follow to carrier unlock the Sprint Galaxy S3. But before going ahead, the users must know the MSL code for their device. The code used for this tutorial is QPST 2.7 Build 374. If you don’t know the MSL code for your device, click here to know how to find it.

Step 1: Downgrade your device’s radio to LG2.

Step 2: After you downgrade, you will be able to read the phone in QPST EFS explorer.

Step 3: Read the phone with EFS explorer.

Step 4: Move NV item 85 to a folder to your desktop. Change it to "000000" hex code 303030303030.

Step 5: Load back the NV item back to your phone and you are done.

After your change your SPC to "000000," you can upgrade your radio again.

Your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 should now be carrier unlocked and ready for any CDMA carrier to be used.