Fall is officially here and you know what that means: a majority of your favorite shows have returned to TV. Of those shows making their fall debuts is ABC’s hit series “How to Get Away With Murder.” The show premiered last year as a part of the network’s “Thank God It’s Thursday” Shonda Rhimes trio and, like everything the “Grey’s Anatomy” writer creates, it was an instant hit. “HTGAWM” returns for Season 2 Thursday. Before the premiere let’s take a look back at where viewers left off with Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her five star students.

In the Season 1 finale viewers finally got the answer to a burning question: who killed Lila Stangard (Megan West)? As we previously reported, the two-hour episode started with Wes (Alfred Enoch) convinced that girlfriend Rebecca (Katie Findlay) had killed Lila. He and the rest of the Keating Five had previously thought their professor’s husband, Sam (Tom Verica), was responsible, but new evidence from a key source caused him to waiver.

Wes and Laurel (Karla Souza) decided to pay a visit to Rudy (​Jake Mikesell), the student who had lived in Wes’ apartment prior to his moving in. Shortly after Lila’s murder Rudy was institutionalized. Although he was mentally unstable at the time of their visit, he was able to provide an important clue as to what may have happened to Lila. When shown a picture of Rebecca, Rudy simply said, “wet.” The single word turned the entire case upside down as Wes shifted from blaming Sam to blaming his girlfriend. Laurel urged him not to get ahead of himself and avoid confronting her right away. He agreed, but continued to dig for more evidence. Wes pulled police files from the case, hoping to find more information linking Rebecca to the murder.

As he investigated further viewers were shown a flashback to a fight Rebecca and Lila had in the month leading to her tragic death. Lila came to Rebecca one afternoon to let her know she was no longer interested in selling drugs and wanted to get back with ex-boyfriend Griffin (Lenny Platt). Rebecca tried to be a good friend, warning Lila that Griffin was no good for her, but instead it sent her into a rage. Lila blamed Rebecca for changing her life for the worse and told her she was through “acting like some trashed-out druggie w----.” Furious, Rebecca decided to seek revenge. She paid a visit to Griffin’s fraternity house that night where the two did drugs together before hooking up. While with Lila’s ex Rebecca decided to shoot her a text from his phone, telling her what happened and taunting her about it. She later trekked to Lila’s sorority house where she hoped to confront her. Rebecca called her former friend several times, but got no answer. Upon arriving at the house she found the gate had been carelessly left open and decided to enter.

The episode then flips back to present day with the rest of the Keating Five learning about this new evidence. They decided to confront Rebecca together, ordering her to provide them with answers. She denied any involvement in Lila’s death, but armed with comments from Rudy the group was able to prove she was lying about at least some of her story. The law students revealed to Rebecca that they knew she had called the police on Rudy the same night Lila died. She claimed she found him in the middle of a mental breakdown, but the Keating Five was sure that she had drugged him after he saw her come home soaked. Rebecca threatened to call the campus security officer that saw all of them the night of Sam’s murder. She revealed that, although he was fired shortly after the incident, she knew where he was currently working and would contact him and spill the beans.

Rebecca’s threat sent them into a frenzy so, naturally, they called Annalise. She arrived at the house shortly after where she found Rebecca bound and gagged in a bathroom. The brought her into their professor’s office where she refused to share any more information about the incident and continued to deny her involvement. Annalise asked that her students give Rebecca a fair chance to defend herself and none of them were able to provide solid evidence that she had murdered Lila.

The show then flashed back again to the night of the murder. The time was 7 p.m. and Sam was giving a lecture in New Haven when he got a call from his young mistress. She shared with him that her plan to have sex with her ex in the hopes of pinning her pregnancy on him had failed. Sam tried to calm her down, but was unsuccessful. She threatened to tell his wife about their affair and hung up the phone. “HTGAWM” then showed her arriving at Sam and Annalise’s home, which also served as the professor’s office. Annalise was on the phone with her husband when Lila showed up and was turned away at the door by Bonnie (Liza Weil) who told her she was “going to regret this.”

Lila then appears again, this time on the roof of her sorority house. Sam had rushed back home after receiving her threat and came over after Lila claimed she was going to commit suicide. Before Sam could get to the sorority house Griffin showed up. Lila hid from her ex, but showed herself after Sam’s arrival. She pleaded with him to let her keep the baby, reminding him of all the times he told her he loved her.

Fast forward to present day, Annalise sent Wes to try and get the truth out of Rebecca one more time. She finally shared all the details, admitting that she did give Rudy PCP and another drug, called Purple X. Rebecca said he had seen her coming home wet and heard her and Lila arguing earlier so she felt she needed to shut him up. She continued to claim she was innocent, however, telling Wes she found Lila in the water tank when she got to the sorority house to ask her for forgiveness. After finding the body she heard voices which forced her to jump into the water tank with the body to hide. Wes shared this information with the rest of the group and was instructed by Annalise to free Rebecca. The professor went to the basement to check on her and ask her not to share any information on the case with anyone else, but she was already gone.

At episode’s close “HTGAWM” flashed back once more to the night of Lila’s death. Sam was shown on the roof with Lila where he appeared like he may be considering killing her. Instead he left to go confess his infidelity to his wife. After leaving the sorority house Sam placed a call to an unknown person, telling them “you owe me.” The stranger then arrived at the house to kill Lila. After the murder the camera cut to the killer’s face, revealing that it was Frank (Charlie Weber) who had committed the crime. “HTGAWM” then threw viewers for another loop revealing that both Frank and Annalise were aware that Rebecca hadn’t escaped the basement, but rather was dead. Neither would admit to having killed her.

It has been reported that Season 2’s premiere episode will reveal who is to blame in Rebecca’s death. The episode airs Thursday, Sept. 24, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC! Check out a clip for the show below: