A new how-to video teaches you how to do the Cat Daddy and dance like Kate Upton in her ultra-popular Terry TV YouTube video.

Cat Daddy is a new hot hip-hop song by The Rej3ctz that has a special dance associated with it that is tearing the clubs up.

If you want to get in on the action and not look like an ignorant fool when the song comes on next time you're out, you're going to learn how to at least do an okay version of the Cat Daddy dance.

That's where the How to do the Cat Daddy video comes in. Brice Professor Lock Johnson has been teaching Web users how to do dances from the Dougie to the Jerk for sometime now. And his newest instructional YouTube clip shows you how to up your swag and do a fine rendition of the Cat Daddy. Press play below to watch for yourself:

Now that you've learned the basics, and are hopefully well on your way to being the best kid on the block at getting down and doing the Cat Daddy, it may be time to watch a few videos of people who make the dance look a lot sexier than Professor Lock ever will.

The Cat Daddy dance went viral when sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton demonstrated her version of the dance practically nude in a stringy bikini for a YouTube video that took the Web by storm, getting more than 700,000 hits in less than two days online. It not only shows her getting down while essentially topless, but it then goes back and shows the performance in slow motion. Check out her sultry version of the dance by clicking play below:

But Kate Upton's version is not all there is to see in the world of the Cat Daddy videos. In fact, Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos do an even more seductive version of the dance in a video they also uploaded on May 1, and which has already stacked up nearly 70,000 views, despite the fact that these hotties aren't nearly as famous as Upton. Check out their skills in the below video:

And while you're at it, you may as well go back to the roots of Cat Daddy, and watch the Rej3ctz music video for the song, which has more than 4 million hits and set off the whole craze when it dropped back in March: