In the middle of a high-profile murder trail? So what! 

Jodi Arias has apparently been tweeting from jail and even has a website set up where she can sell her artwork. Typically a person loses all freedoms, including Internet access, when in jail, unless the person is Arias.

Phoenix’s Fox 10 found her Twitter account, with which she’s been mini-blogging for months. She might be locked up in the Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Ariz., but Arias doesn’t seem to be bored with her first-degree murder trial.

“Hmm... Anger Management problems anyone?” Arias tweeted on April 5 -- an apparent dig at prosecutor Juan Martinez, who has been volatile and aggressive when questioning witnesses on the stand.

According to Fox 10, she's been tweeting through her friend, Donavan Bering, who she talks to almost every night. 

Ever since news broke Thursday that Arias has been tweeting from jail since February, she's acquired nearly 14,000 followers. Quite a spike considering she had only 500 on Tuesday, Fox 10 said.

Her last tweet was around 10:30 p.m. EDT. She promoted her website,, noting, “Too bad I can’t see it.”

Right now she has a picture of an hourglass selling for $2,000 on the website that has been flooded with visitors ever since news broke that she had a Twitter account. 

The artwork labeled “Hourless” also comes with a quote apparently from Arias herself:

“Some people say they have no regrets; I cannot count myself among them. When I step back and look at ‘Hourless,’ the concept of time running forward and backward is evoked. Rather than focus on all that I could and would do differently if I could hop a train to the past, I remember the lessons and carry what I’ve learned into the future.”

According to the website, she’s already sold several pieces of art, with the most expensive work going for more than $3,000.

The 32-year-old photographer has been accused of murdering her former lover Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008. After years of lying to police, she finally confessed to killing him, but is now claiming it was in self-defense. Arias has been on the stand for months telling intricate stories about Alexander and his supposed deviant and abusive ways, even laughing on the stand at some points.

Arias shot and stabbed Alexander 27 times before apparently slicing his throat from ear to ear.

According to the Huffington Post, even though the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office knows about her Twitter account and artwork for sale, it can’t do anything about them since she hasn’t been convicted.

If Arias is found guilty of first-degree murder, she could face the death penalty.