iPad and iPhone have settled in the international market with good financial record. The iOS software, however, still continues to create problems for users and is not really as perfect as the developers claim it to be.

Problems are more at the user-end especially when downloading apps and printing documents from the devices. The PC World magazine has come up with few workouts which may prove useful for better service from the device:

Here are a few tips to fix some recurring problems:

Printing: Do not just rush into an Apple store and spend your money on an AirPrint compatible printer to get your documents printed. Instead, just get them printed from your Apple device by sending the file to your Gmail account which can also be accessed from your basic home PC which has a printer connected to it. The best part about the process is that it is totally free but does require a little patience on your part as well.

In a Chrome browser, the process can be initialized by typing chrome://settings/advanced in the address bar. Later you will be given an option called Sign in to Google Cloud Print. Before you can go forward, you will have to authorize the system by entering your Gmail username and password. When done, send the document to your Gmail account. Now open Gmail from your Safari browser on the device and you should see a ‘Print’ link in which you will be asked to select your printer. Note that the process shall not work if a file is in .docx format.

Storage expansion: So what if you bought a 16GB set instead of a 64GB? You will still have the option to expand the storage capability of your device and the best part about it is that you can get more than what Apple has to offer.

Music storage can get easy by using Cloud Drive and Cloud Player from Amazon. The option offers you up to 5GB of storage and will automatically increase to 20GB, provided you purchase at least one music album from Amazon once a year. The purchases can be stored in the Cloud Drive itself and you also have the option to upload your own collection which can be streamed from anywhere. The process, however, can be a bit expensive as they charge $1 per GB a year.

Refunds: Apple declares that tunes and apps once sold will not be taken back and the money shall not be refunded but that declaration might change at times. If you are lucky enough, Apple can be a little generous at times and can return your money back and if you can get hold of Apple’s upcoming work schedule from their representative.

Game Center: People just love sharing their Angry Birds achievements online and have a good game with their friends, but some don’t. So for those of you in that group, here is a fix to block those constant pop-ups asking you to sign in.

Just open the settings app and click on Notifications. You should find an Angry Birds icon below which when clicked takes you to the screen from where your turn on/off the alerts problem. This process is applicable for every Game Center-enabled app on the device.