“How to Get Away with Murder” Season 1 has plenty of mysteries going on. Viewers are still getting to know the cast of characters, including the mysterious Bonnie (Liza Weil), but that’s about to change. In episode 8, viewers will discover more about Bonnie’s relationship with Sam (Tom Verica) and Annalise (Viola Davis).

Episode 7 left off with Bonnie revealing that Lila was six weeks pregnant when she was killed. The sneak peek shows that Annalise’s interrogation of Sam will get pretty intense, and Bonnie doesn’t know what to think. However, that interrogation is just the beginning of Bonnie’s screen time. Weil told TV Guide that viewers will get to see her character stop being a bystander and get involved in the drama of episode 8.

"Bonnie is searching for answers too because she looks to Sam, she holds him up, and I think she really needs to know if that is indeed validated," Weil explained. "That answer is going to question her loyalty to Annalise. … The blowback from that is going to rock her. There is a huge moment in [Thursday's episode] between Bonnie and Annalise that is going to completely question their entire relationship before Murder Night. Everything is going to change between them. It's going to make her question her loyalty to Annalise and her role and her purpose in the firm and who she is."

Most fans seem to speculate more about Bonnie's romantic life than her professional relationships (although the two seem to overlap). Viewers saw that Bonnie started sleeping with Asher (Matt McGorry), but that doesn't mean she can't have feelings for another man. Weil thinks Bonnie's feelings for Sam started as harmless infatuation, but they may have become a bit weirder since then.

“I think she's been so dedicated to working with Annalise and really has a desire to be Annalise's person that the fascination with Sam was a bit of distraction for her to get through her day,” Weil explained. “It started out innocently and it became more and more inappropriate without her realizing it. That's been interesting for me to play because I think she looks to them as these parent figures and it gets almost Oedipal sometimes.”

Weil acknowledged that there are definitely some feelings on Bonnie’s end, but that she wasn’t as clear about Sam’s emotions. The actress couldn’t reveal if they were hooking up, or if Sam even had any feelings for her, but she did admit that Annalise is well aware of whatever relationship Sam and Bonnie have.

"[The writers have] done a really smart job with leaving that open-ended. It's unclear whether he's reciprocating that," Weil said. “It's a very interesting story point that Annalise is aware of it and does let it happen. Whether it's part of her manipulation or something she knows Bonnie needs in order to do what she needs to do is really intriguing.” 

“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1, episode 8, airs Thursday, Nov. 13, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you think Sam is cheating on Annalise with Bonnie? Sound off in the comments section below!