The Internet was a sea of mixed emotions on Monday night when the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” aired. While some viewers were filled with contentment after watching the final scene of the nine season-long series, others were left in a state of sheer disappointment. Some might even go as far as to mourn March 31 as the day Carter Bays and Craig Thomas killed the hopes, dreams and the Mother of “HIMYM” fans.

In fact, some viewers were so dissatisfied with how “HIMYM” ended that they’ve made it their life mission to somehow alter the ending of the CBS comedy.

"My life goal is to become rich enough to hire all the actors again and re-create the finale the correct way. #HIMYMFinale"— Logan Walker (@LoganWalker1130) April 1, 2014

But, luckily for disgruntled fans, they won’t have to wait too long because an alternative ending for “HIMYM” has already been created! The fan-made version of the “HIMYM” series finale begins with the gang raising a glass at MacLaren’s on the day of Ted’s wedding to the Mother (Tracy). Lily finishes her heartfelt speech, thus beginning a look into Ted’s future. From Ted’s wedding day, to Christmas morning with his family and even the random moments in between fans get a glimpse at what our protagonist’s life is like once finding love.

And unlike the original ending of the series finale, the Mother doesn’t get killed off. Instead, the fan-made version skips over revealing the death and cuts directly to Ted walking over to Tracy at the Far Hampton train station.

The two begin their flirty banter including Ted’s silly Econ 305 moment and argue over who the yellow umbrella really belongs to. After Ted connects the dots that Tracy was its original owner, his future wife says, “Funny how sometimes you just find things.”

“And that kids,” a future Ted with grey hair said, “is how I met your mother.”

The alternative ending of “HIMYM” ends with Ted and Tracy laughing as they stand under the yellow umbrella in the rain.

Which version do you like better? Bays and Thomas’ original ending or this fan-made masterpiece? Let us know by taking the poll below.