British Prime Minister David Cameron has shown his tough side with his order of evicting the people involved in burgling during the riots from coucil houses. Wandsworth in London was the first to follow the instructtion and served the first eviction notice.

Nottingham City Council, Salford City Council and Westminster, Greenwich and Hammersmith and Fulham councils in London are yet to take any action.

The United Kingdom has a long history of rioting in places surrounding Braford, Notting Hill, Tottenham, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and several other places.

Britain indulged in slave trade prior to World War II. Later, it saw more Jamaican Blacks emigrating to the United Kingdom. In the next few years, UK began to witness several riots which occurred due to racial tensions between Jamaicans and the local Whites.

Unemployment, poor housing and harassment by police often cited as causes behind the restive emigrant youth to indulge in riots in different parts of the country. Besides the Jamaicans versus Locals racial tensions, the other communities like Asian population also added to the racial unrest.

Here is a timeline on some major riots that took place in the United Kingdom after World War II:

1958 - A large number of Caribbean emigrate to Britain leading to racial unrest between the locals and the emigrant community in Notting Hill. About 400 locals gathered to attack the houses of West Indian residents. The riot continues for a week causing widespread disturbance. Police arrest 140 people in connection with the riot.

1976 - Notting Hill Carnival attended by 1,50,000 people with a definite Caribbean flavor is disturbed by the riots. The Caribbean youths attack the police due to harassment enforced on them.

1979 - An anti-racism demonstration takes place in Southall held by Anti-Nazi League. There are 3,000 protesters against the National Front meeting. A New Zealand born UK migrant Blair Peach is killed by a police officer in the demonstration. A public enquiry into his death has been delayed for long. Thousands of people protest against the death of Blair Peach.

1980 - The increase in racial tension, alienation of Blacks and poor housing lead to a riot in St. Pauls, Bristol, England in April. Racial harassment increases in local housing estates. About 130 people are arrested and 25 injured including 19 policemen.

1981 - Riot breaks out in Brixton in South London due to high unemployment, poor housing and crime rate among the African-Caribbean community. More than 1,000 policemen are dispatched to Brixton to nab the culprits who went on rage. The riot ends injuring 360 people which includes 300 police. Over 100 vehicles are damaged and 28 premises burned, including schools and businesses.

1985 - Brixton witnesses yet another big riot due to racial tensions described widely as an institutional racism in the Metropolitan Police. The police shoot a Jamaican mother while searching for her son. This leads to a series of violent activities for the next 48 hours. Shops looted, cars and public property torched. A series of street battles occur between police and black crowd. Also riot breaks out in Handsworth due to drug related problems, unemployment among Black youths and racial tensions.

1995 - Riot breaks out in Brixton soon after the death of a 26-year-old emigrant in police custody. Hundreds of emigrants and local youths indulge in the riot, looting shops, attacking police and throwing missiles. Three police officers injured and 22 people arrested.

2001 - As a result of inter-racial tensions between locals and South Asian Muslim communities, riots break out in Oldham. Five hundred Asian youths involve in the riot. Oldham riot is considered as one of the worst racially motivated riots. Also, riot breaks out in Harehills due to a wrongful arrest of an Asian by Yorkshire Police. Asian, Black and White youths involve in the riot for several hours burning 25 police cars and injuring a police and a journalist.

2011 - A protest march by 200 people in Tottenham associated with poor relations between the police and the emigrant community in London leads to rioting. Looting, arsenal attacks, robbery and public disturbance is witnessed in Tottenham, Brixton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Enfield Town and other parts of London.