The HTC 10, also referred as HTC One M10, comes with a solid metallic design and cutting-edge configurations onboard. The Taiwanese tech giant finally got the formula right after the disastrous reception to the HTC One M9.

The HTC 10 can now be purchased directly from the company website, as well as from major carriers in the U.S. However, AT&T is not selling this handset.

Prior to purchasing this device, it is worth checking out the latest torture test video uploaded in YouTube. The YouTuber Jerry Rig is known for butchering new smartphones by putting them through extreme tests by scratching, bending, shredding, burning, melting and pounding with whatever he gets in hand, Phone Arena reported.

Now, it’s time for the HTC 10 to go through the torture tests. As mentioned above, unlike other testers, Rig doesn’t go easy on any device. Hence, the video shows utter brutality. For starters, the HTC 10 Gorilla Glass 4 goes through a screen scratch test with various levels of torture.

The device comes out with mild damage at level 6. However, deep scratches become visible at level 7 of torture. But then, the silver lining is that HTC 10 is apparently on par with other high-end devices. The test also shows the housed fingerprint sensor is prone to scratches, but it remains functional and responsive.

In another test, he tries burning the HTC 10. The glass seemingly handles the flames quite well. The display pixels went black after 9 seconds of fire exposure. However, the pixels recovered in a few seconds after he moves the device out of fire.

Furthermore, the outer layer of the HTC 10’s selfie-clicker is apparently made of glass instead of the plastic substance used in One M9. This particular aspect helps the handset in withstanding fire exposure better than other devices. The HTC 10, in general, is made of metal with no plastic additives.

Speaking of bend test, the strengthened metal chassis protects the HTC 10 from bending under pressure and hence, it did not break during the test.

Overall, it’s easy to conclude that HTC 10 is a clear winner when compared to other devices, thanks to the solid build quality.

Here is the video showing the HTC 10 undergoing a slew of torture tests: (Credit: YouTube/JRE)