AT&T is now pushing down Ice Cream Sandwich updates to the HTC Vivid smartphone. Vivid was one of the first LTE phones for AT&T's high-speed network, and while it hasn't been as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S2 overall, it will nevertheless get the Android 4.0 update first. We don't know if that is a Samsung decision or AT&T, but the international variants of the Galaxy S2 have been getting the ICS update already.

For other U.S. smartphone customers who wonder when their updates will come, this is major news because no other phones have gotten the update. Sprint did begin updating the Nexus S 4G in December, but aborted the update because of battery life problems. Sprint is a smaller carrier than AT&T, however, and back then ICS was still brand new. Now, all the major smartphone manufacturers have had a few months to finalize their own software to run on the system, but only HTC has started the updates, and only on AT&T.

AT&T has a special Web page set up with instructions on how to download the update. Also included in the update is Sense 3.6 from HTC. Start the slideshow to see an update how-to and take a look at some of the best new features from Google Android 4.0. Let us know in the comments if you're a Vivid owner and what you think of the update.

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