The trailer for the The Hunger Games has been making social media waves, with fans taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their delight - or disappointment - with the latest snippets of the upcoming movie.

Tweeted one woman: I have about 1000 books I should be reading but I am re-reading Hunger Games instead. I blame the trailer.

Tweeted another: someone please stop me from re-watching the hunger games trailer. i just can't get enough of this awesomeness.

Whoever compared Twilight to The Hunger Games is an's two different movies! one aficionado tweeted.

Tweeted one man: I think I've watched the 'Hunger Games' trailer five times now? Maybe six? Still get goosebumples, still can't get over Haymitch's hair.

Enthusiasm was just as rife on Facebook.

Where is the LOVE Button? someone asked on a page for the movie.

JOSH HUTCHERSON!!! I'm your #1 FAN! wrote another Hunger Games lover, referring to the actor who plays Peeta Mellark, the boy tribute for District 12 who is in love with Katniss Everdeen.

But not everyone is feeling the movie's look, or that of the main characters.

I am still not happy about Peeta, but I am trying to let go of what he should look like and enjoy it anyway..the guy is a good actor, even if he looks all wrong, one commentator said on Facebook.

Wrote another on Facebook: i am still so opposed to jen lawrence, referring to the actress who plays Katniss.

Still, the enthusiasm for the film seems to have outweighed any criticism.

Gahhhh can't wait!!!! wrote a Facebook user.