NOAA has released the updated and improved list of the deadliest tropical cyclones in the United States during 1851-2010.

Tropical cyclones that have caused at least 25 deaths on the U.S. mainland during the given period have been categorized as the most deadly.

1. Galveston Hurricane

Year: 1900
Landfall region: Galveston, Texas
Deaths: 8000
Hurricane Category: 4

The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was responsible for at least 8000 deaths and remains first on the list.

2. Lake Okeechobee Hurricane

Year: 1928
Landfall region: Florida
Deaths: 2500
Hurricane Category: 4

3. Katrina Hurricane

Year: 2005
Landfall region: Florida, Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico
Deaths: 1200
Hurricane Category: 3

Earlier hurricane Katrina of 2005 was estimated to have caused 1500 deaths. According to the latest NHC estimate, Katrina was directly responsible for about 1200 deaths and it remains the third deadliest hurricane to strike the United States.

4. Cheniere Caminada Hurricane

Year: 1893
Landfall region: Louisiana
Deaths: 1100-1400
Hurricane Category: 4

5. Sea Islands Hurricane

Year: 1893
Landfall region: Savannah, Georgia
Deaths: 1000-2000
Hurricane Category: 3

6. 1881 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Year: June-November 1881
Landfall region: Savannah, Georgia
Deaths: 700
Hurricane Category: 2

7. Audrey Hurricane

Year: 1957
Landfall region: Texas and western Louisiana
Deaths: 416
Hurricane Category: 4

8. Florida Keys Hurricane

Year: 1935
Landfall region: Florida
Deaths: 408
Hurricane Category: 5

9. Last Island Hurricane

Year: 1856
Landfall region: Louisiana
Deaths: 400
Hurricane Category: 4

10. Pensacola Hurricane

Year: 1926
Landfall region: Florida, Miami
Deaths: 272
Hurricane Category: 4

(A category 3 hurricane has maximum sustained winds of 111-130 miles per hour; a category 4 hurricane is classified with maximum sustained winds of 131-155 miles per hour and a category 5 hurricane has more than 155 miles per hour maximum sustained winds).



Jennifer Tran lights a candle during a candlelight ceremony dedicated to the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina on the levee in Orleans Parish, New Orleans August 28, 2006, nearly a year after the hurricane struck. REUTERS/Carlos Barria