As Hurricane Irene continues to roar up the East Coast headed in the direction for New York City,New Yorker's embrace the calm before the storm and have taken to Twitter to share tips and express mixed feelings towards the severity of the looming threat.

As Irene's outer bands reach North Carolina and the hurricane slows down to high-end category 2 storm, it is expected that she will re-strengthen to a Category 3 later today. New Yorker's have started to brace themselves for the worst, preparing with food and water supplies as concerns rise on how a city rarely subjected to hurricanes will cope with the potential storm.

Mayor Bloomberg has told New York residents to be vigilant, warning of potential evacuations to be announced on Saturday morning.  On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office declared a State of Emergency for the state.

President Obama also made firm warning to residents in the path of the hurricane. I cannot stress this enough, he said on Friday morning. If you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now. Don't wait. Don't delay. We all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst.

Currently 6-9 foot waves have been reported on the outer banks of North and South Carolina leaving thousands to have lost power across the shore. Winds are expected to pick up this afternoon.

Voluntary evacuations are being encouraged by officials especially in high risk areas such as Long Beach, which currently still remains open.

Meanwhile, as they sit and wait, New Yorker's have scurried to Twitter to share thoughts, anxieties and helpful tips. Here are some of the top ones:

Audra390 Violet Furbush 

Hurricane Irene Claims Its First Victim:

VickiArkoff Vicki Arkoff 

Hurricane Irene is a party pooper. All festival permits revoked byNYC events including the Afropunk fest.

luvskathakdance NISIMI 

#offers Text: SHELTER + your ZIP code to 44362 to find the nearest#shelter #Irene #hurricaneirene

CooJohnson2 Jarcel Mohnson 

@MissAmber22 dude a hurricane would nvr affect nyc bcuz of the high buildings. irene will die out when it hits Carolinas

NadiaDaeng Nadia Daeng 

MTA busses & subways shut down tomorrow at 12noon #NYC #hurricane #irene

JulieMenin Julie Menin 

RT @NYCMayorsOffice If you can't access, get hurricanezone maps & other #Irene info at OEM's Facebook

sdavar Sara Davar 

What's wrong with me? Im actually hoping we will have some real action after all the hype - #hurricane #irene #nyc

PinkMosaic BellaVita-DolceVita 

NY, unlike Florida or other Hurricane-prone cities, is totally unprepared for such an event. Irene may pass right over NYC. Be safe

DanCiccNYC Dan Ciccarelli 

Dear #Irene: U take staten island and all of NJ. Leave us NYC, BX, BK, QU and nassua. Suffolk is up4 grabs if you want it. #deal#hurricane

InhabitatNYC InhabitatNYC 

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