Caitlyn Jenner got real about her sexual orientation and plans to date during Season 1, episode 3 of "I Am Cait." The former Olympian has touched on both topics prior to the airing of the episode, but has been largely unsure of her feelings. With some urging from friends, it seems Caitlyn, 65, has found some clarity on the matter. 

As was reported by Entertainment Weekly, while vacationing in Northern California with friends Caitlyn was forced to confront her sexual orientation – a topic she has previously been unsure of. When asked whether she thought she would date men or women, the former Kardashian patriarch revealed that she has always been attracted to women, though she admitted she does appreciate the male form. While she has never dated, nor found herself sexually attracted to a male, Caitlyn did admit that she would probably “feel much more feminine” dating a man. Still, there seems to be one thing holding her back.

“I would want to have the right parts,” she told her friends.

This isn’t the first time Caitlyn has discussed dating or sexual orientation on “I Am Cait.” In episode 2 she revealed that, while dating wasn’t exactly on her radar, she did have something of a crush. In a private discussion with a few of the ladies on the trip she admitted that she found Candis Cayne, a good friend and fellow trans celebrity, to be very attractive. Still, she assured her friends she had no plans of pursuing a relationship at the time, saying, “I have bigger things than an orgasm to worry about.”

Although Caitlyn has been undergoing this transformation from male to female for some time now, she has previously stated that gender reassignment surgery will be “the last thing” she does. During E!’s “About Bruce” special she revealed to daughters Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner her plans to have the surgery. At the time Caitlyn, who was still going by Bruce, said she planned to have the surgery “in the spring,” but did not specify a year or exact date. Jenner has not, however, had the surgery at this time.

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