Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner, photographed on stage during a Culture Club performance at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles July 24, shut down dating rumors during a recent episode of "I Am Cait." Getty Images

Caitlyn Jenner isn't holding anything back from viewers on her brand new E! docuseries, "I Am Cait." The 65-year-old, who has been described by son Brody Jenner as "more free," tackled some prominent rumors during Season 1, episode 2 of the show.

Us Weekly reports that during the episode Caitlyn and her posse, which includes several other members of the trans community, hit the open road for a girls vacation. During the trip the former Olympian and confidant Ronda Kamihira opened up about rumors suggesting they were a couple. The rumors began circulating prior to Caitlyn's transition. As it turns out, she and Kamihira were spending a lot of one-on-one time together because Caitlyn had confided in her about her big secret. Although she and Kamihira are not now, nor were they ever a couple, Caitlyn may have her eye one someone else in her inner circle.

Caitlyn has recently been linked to fellow trans celebrity Candis Cayne. During the latest installment of "I Am Cait," many of her friends pushed her to sport some sexy swimwear in front of Cayne, hoping it would ignite a spark between them. Jenner blushed as she admitted that she did find Cayne attractive, but seemed unready to hop in the dating pool just yet.

"Candis is a beautiful woman," Jenner said. "But as far as dating and the future, I have absolutely no idea."

Although Caitlyn may not be ready for a relationship right now, she and Cayne appear to be spending a significant amount of alone time together. The pair were spotted out at a popular West Hollywood gay bar July 20. She is reported to have been with a group of friends, though onlookers noted that she stuck close by Cayne's side throughout the duration of the evening.

Caitlyn briefly discussed dating in her pre-transition interview with Diane Sawyer in April. During their chat the former "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star shared that she was still attracted to women and that, to the best of her knowledge, she was not gay. At the time Caitlyn was very unsure of the answers to a lot of Sawyers relationship questions, as she was still in the early stages of her transition. She assured Sawyer it would be quite some time before she started dating again as she wanted to focus on herself and her new life as a woman.

Caitlyn has not been in a relationship since divorcing Kris Jenner, whom she was married to for nearly 20 years. The pair finalized their divorce in December 2013, promising to stay close for their families. Unfortunately, Caitlyn, who was still going by Bruce at the time, found that she was not being included in major family events and visits became infrequent. Fortunately it seems that, since her transition, both the Kardashian and Jenner children have rallied around her in support.