Ahead of world’s one of the most sought after beauty pageants, Miss World 2011 contestants seemed to break away from the mounting pressures of various contests, as they partied hard on Wednesday evening.

Beauties from across the world will be competing at Miss World 2011 pageant to be held at London's Earls Court on Nov. 6, when the recently engaged Miss World 2010, Alexandria Mills of the United States, will crown her successor.

The contestants took part in “Beach Beauty” and “Beauty with a Purpose” contests wherein Miss World Organization announced the winners. Twenty “Model Semi-Finalists” were also chosen on Nov. 2.

A “Beauty with a Purpose” charity dinner was organized, which was glamorized by performances of Miss China, Miss Paraguay, Miss Chile, Miss Guatemala, Miss U.S. Virgin Islands, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Indonesia, Miss Ukraine and Miss St. Barthelemy.

While the contestants have already begun competing, they didn’t leave a stone unturned to break the ice. Check out some party moments of Miss World 2011 contestants:

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