Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Young and his girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea, have each denied that an alleged nude photo of the couple is real.

On Wednesday, a nude photo circulated on Twitter after “@AssPicsandVines” posted a photo that allegedly featured “Iggy Azalea with Nick Young from the Lakers,” Larry Brown Sports reports. In the picture, a man who resembles Young poses with bare-bottomed, blonde woman.

The nude photo went viral on Twitter, garnering nearly 1,000 retweets and stunned reactions from users. However, both Young and Azalea took to Twitter to deny that they were featured in the picture.

On early Thursday morning, Azalea retweeted a follower who noted that the Australian rapper couldn’t have been the nude woman in the photo; Azalea has tattoos, and the woman in question does not. “Anyway, that was cute guys. Try again soon,” Azalea tweeted. “Better luck next time n all that..”

Soon afterward, Young denied the photo’s validity in similar fashion. “Man y’all better stop playin with me on twitter,” he wrote. “That aint me.” The 28-year-old NBA star also revealed that the nude photo rumors had upset his mother. “Y’all got my mom callin me goin crazy see what y’all started lol,” he wrote. Young’s tweets on the subject can be viewed below.

Minutes after Young and Azalea issued their denials, a Twitter model from Houston admitted that she and her boyfriend were actually the individuals featured in the nude photo, Complex Sports notes. “I feel special bc ppl think that pic of me is you,” the woman, who goes by “@Kitten Chloe” on Twitter, wrote to Azalea.

Her boyfriend, “No_Trucks,” apologized to Young for the mix-up. “Bro I apologize. I had no idea people would mistake me and chloe for you and Iggy. My bad fam,” he said.

The fake nude photo can be viewed here. Warning: the image is NSFW.