NEW DELHI (Commodity Online) : Anticipating more gas consumption in three years, India has decided to add over 7,450 km of gas pipeline network to ramp up its supply lines.

Speaking at the Asia Gas Partnership Summit here, India's Petroleum Minister Murli Deora said, The challenge for an emerging market like India is to develop pipeline infrastructure in all parts of the country, including in remote areas, in tandem with increasing supplies. Only then we will be able to secure inclusive growth.

India's gas pipeline infrastructure concentrated more in the west and north sides of the country while the south and the east have largely been left untouched by the revolution increased availability of gas is bringing.

India's present natural gas transportation infrastructure is around 10,800 km with a capacity to move 270 million standard cubic meters of gas per day.

Major pipeline projects are underway in the country, which would add another 7,450 km and 248 mmscmd to our gas transport infrastructure, he said.

Natural gas, he said, was the fuel of choice today.

It enhances energy security, it is an efficient fuel for power generation, a cheaper feedstock for industries, a cleaner alternative for vehicles, it reduces air-pollution and, in general, it leads to improved quality of life.