Fans of interesting physics puzzlers, rejoice! Developer Toxic Games and publisher GRIP Games have announced that the 2011 indie puzzler QUBE is coming to a number of consoles this summer, though an exact release date hasn't been given. This will also be the enhanced edition of the game that was released on Steam back in 2014 called "QUBE: Director’s Cut.”

“QUBE: Director’s Cut” is a first-person physics puzzler that has players control a character who wakes up one day and realizes he's trapped in a ship and must find a way out. Players do this by manipulating the objects around the ship with a special glove. Interestingly, QUBE is an acronym for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion.

The 2014 director’s cut version includes the same game but adds a number of new features for a smoother gaming experience. According to Game Informer, the game has a new soundtrack and 10 new levels, along with various time trials and online leaderboards where players can brag about their best time.

Originally, the time trials for the game were previously DLC for the original version of QUBE that came out in 2011. Called “Against the Qlock,” players would attempt to get the highest score by trying to escape the ship in a certain amount of time. The fastest escapee won and could brag about the accomplishment on various leaderboards.

After “QUBE: Director’s Cut” was released for the PC via Steam last year, the first-person physics puzzler was supposed to head to the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStation 3 soon after. Though the cause for delay remains unknown, the official site for the “QUBE” game has confirmed that the game will now be coming out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as the aforementioned consoles above.

“QUBE: Director’s Cut” will be available for consoles sometime this summer, with the exact release date still being a mystery until Toxic Games and GRIP Games make an official announcement. PC Gamers can purchase the game right now on Steam.

QUBE: Director's Cut - Official Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/qubegame)