People are loving the new iOS 10.

The operating system update became available to iOS users on Sept. 13, coinciding with the debut of Apple’s iPhone 7. After a brief hiccup where some users experienced frozen iPhones and iPads mid-update (Apple quickly fixed the glitch), it didn’t take long for iOS users to become enthralled with the new iOS 10 features.

From photo organization to collaborative Notes, the new features had everyone talking. And messaging. iMessage now has its own App Store, so users can fully utilize new animation features, stickers and drawings.

Get to know the new iMessage with these five useful (and free!) apps, available for iOS 10:

Tinder Stacks: Now you can judge and rank any picture – not just potential love interests. With the new Tinder Stacks, users are able to send a series of images to contacts. Recipients can swipe right or left to select their favorite images. While the app is free, users will need to download the Tinder app first.

Genius: Everyone’s favorite lyric hub, this app lets users send song lyrics to friends. Apparently, you can even overlay text on pictures stored in the camera roll.

Words With Friends: The popular word game now lets players invite friends through their contacts list, and moves can be made directly through Messages. The Solo Play also allows users to play offline.

Kayak: Booking flights and coordinating seats with friends and family just got significantly easier. The Kayak app allows users to share flight deals with friends via iMessage.

iTranslate: This lets users communicate in different languages in real-time directly through iMessage. Google Translate, be gone!