The iMessage add-on is activated automatically if you have the Tinder app installed. Tinder

Popular dating app Tinder launched an add-on to Apple’s iMessage application Wednesday that allows users to conduct polls among their friends on selfies and other photographs. Called Tinder Stacks, the add-on comes as a part of the regular Tinder app and does not need to be downloaded separately.

In the launch announcement, Tinder said it “is bringing its iconic Right Swipe-Left Swipe decision making to iMessage, so now you and your friends can swipe on everything. With Tinder Stacks, you can send your friends a stack of options to swipe and vote on — from which selfie should be your profile pic to which outfit you should wear tonight.”

So how do you go about getting your friends to vote?

First, you need to have both iMessage (thereby currently restricting this feature only to Apple users) and the Tinder app already installed on your phone. Then, unless you have the “Automatically Add Apps” turned off in the settings of the iMessage App Store, that’s it. The Stacks add-on will appear in the iMessage app by default.

From within the app, choose the photographs you want your friends to vote on, creating a stack of photos, which you can then send to your friends for their feedback. You can also cast your own vote before you send out the stack. Your friends will see a usual Tinder-style interface where they can swipe right to like a photo and left to vote against it. As the votes come in, you can see them and make your decision.

With the launch of Stacks, Tinder seems to be going further in diversifying its product offering that goes beyond dating, or hooking up, something the app has become inextricably associated with. Earlier this week, it announced integration with Spotify and in July, it launched Tinder Social that allows groups to hang out together.