Untethered jailbreak 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 has already been released. The feat has been achieved with hard work from Pod2g, the Chronic Dev Team and MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team who have finally succeeded in bringing out the updated version on Greenpois0n Absinthe untethered jailbreak 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. A new jailbreak for Linux has also been released by the team.

However, it is to be noted that Absinthe untethered jailbreak will support an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406), and an iPad 2 Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA running iOS 5.0.1.

Below are the steps to jailbreak your iDevice with Greenpois0n Absinthe:

Step 1: First connect the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 with your PC via USB and open iTunes to restore to iOS 5.0.1.

Step 2: Next, download Greenpois0n Absinthe and unzip to run the file.

Step 3: Connect the iDevice again via USB to your PC.

Step 4: Click on the “Jailbreak” button and follow the steps that will appear on the Greenpois0n screen.

Step 5: When successfully completed, there should be an Absinthe icon on the Homescreen. Just tap the icon and it will open the Greenpois0n page. This will be followed by a reboot of your device.

Step 6: When it completes the loading, the Cydia icon will replace the previously acquired Absinthe icon. This is a sign that your iDevice has been successfully jailbroken (untethered 5.0.1).

Here are the required download links to jailbreak your iDevice:

iOS 5.0.1 ipsw for iPad 2 – download it here or here

iOS 5.0.1 9A406 ipsw for iPhone 4S


Greenpois0n Absinthe for Mac (Different Mirror Link)

Greenpois0n Absinthe for Windows

Greenpois0n Absinthe for Linux (x86/x86_64)

Check out the video for help:

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