Jailbreaking has offered millions of idevices a lot of fascinating features over the years that Apple has simply refused to.

The newly released A5 jailbreak Absinthe added even more fun allowing iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users to go untethered for the first time, something they had been deprived from for long.

Notwithstanding the many cool jailbreak-powered features, there was one which has not been explored that much by the jailbreakers. This transfers files from iOS devices to other devices via Bluetooth, a crucial exclusion from Apple's mobile products.

A jailbreak app, named Celeste, was released in Cydia last year claiming to allow Bluetooth file sharing. But unfortunately, the app was limited to iOS devices only.

Over the weekend, a new app popped up in Cydia. This app, unlike Celeste, allows iOS device users to share files with almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device, even Android. Yes, that's what AirBlue Sharing claims it can.

The list of capabilities that AirBlue Sharing has includes:

  • Zero configuration
  • Native Bluetooth pairing, do not have to re-pair your device when using iOS native Bluetooth
  • High speed Bluetooth transmission, up to 1.7 MB/s
  • Automatically shutdown Bluetooth when transmissions are done to save power
  • Transfer files over WiFi connection - it's possible to transfer a video file in a few seconds (iOS to iOS)
  • Automatically create a WiFi hotspot for transmission when no Wifi is available (iOS to iOS, large file)
  • Send from Notes/Photos/Videos/Music/Contacts/Voice Memos...
  • Send any file from applications supported by Open in function
  • Import received files to Contacts/Photos
  • Import received files to applications supported by Open in function
  • Send/receive multiple files simultaneously
  • Sent/received notification sounds
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry and other Bluetooth enabled phones

AirBlue Sharing, which costs $4.99, is compatible with devices running iOS 4.2 through iOS 5.0.1.

Being a jailbreak app, AirBlue Sharing obviously works in a jailbroken device. To know how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 using Absinthe, click on the following links.



Watch the videos below to know how AirBlue Sharing works:

From iOS to Android

From Android to iOS