While tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for Apple's upcoming iPad 3, officials at the Cupertino headquarters are apparently working hard on making the third generation tablet a stupefying success.

Previous reports had indicated that Apple had gone into crunch mode while finalizing details ahead of the tablet's launch on March 7. The highly anticipated device has been the subject of intense speculations for many months now, not having spared any details out for discussion.

Despite Apple abiding by its long known don't-tell' policy, much of the details about iPad 3 have gained enough substance to be considered as rather true. As far as reports go, iPad 3 is expected to sport a stunning 2048 x 1536 retina display, with a faster memory and a processor powered by an A6 quad core chip.

It's the range of mobile apps, however, that's the icing on the cake. Apple brought apps to a whole new personal level starting with its iPhone. The new iOS apps which Apple is said to be working on are expected to highlight the brilliance of the device.

So what apps will the tech titan show off along with the imminent launch of the iPad 3? According to Christina Bonnington from Wired, four categories of apps have been identified.

Here's a lowdown on what to expect from the new device.

Photography: Hackers last year unearthed a hidden panoramic feature buried inside iOS 5. If by chance, iPad 3 debuts on the iOS 5 platform, then this Panorama mode will provide users the ability to capture massively large areas of space with an improved rear-facing camera. Other apps like 360 Panorama and TourWrist, both compatible with iOS 5 can do an equally great job of capturing breathtaking pictures.

Other image viewing such as Fotopedia and Photobooth might demo with iPad 3. Fotopedia's senior vice president Christophe Daligault reportedly talked to the Wired: We love Apple, we only build apps for iOS. We basically will be ready with very high-quality, high-definition content as soon as a higher-resolution iPad comes out, he said to the tech Web site.

Video: With reports of an improved 1080p camera apparently in the works, an update to the iMovie app would be a perfect for the tablet's high resolution display, the report said. The iMovie app, which launched with Apple's iPad 2, is a great app that allows users to cut and edit footage as well as stream content to an Apple TV.

If the new iPad does have a retina display, you can bet that action-packed, high-quality video will be a key part of the presentation, Bonnington assured.

Games: iPad 3's high speed processor and high quality display will make way for smoother gaming and fluid like graphics. Infinity Blade II, one of the most gorgeously rendered games on the iOS platform, stands a chance of being shown off with the iPad 3. The report also mentioned other game apps such as Mirror's Edge from Electronic Arts and an iPad version of Battlefield 2.

The Web site had also talked to Gameloft who might implement their fast action packed game, N.O.V.A. 2 HD, into the device.

Gameloft is always keen to anticipate and support innovative features enabled by Apple, a Gameloft spokesperson was quoted saying to the Wired.

Textbooks: Apple's recently updated versions of its iBooks and iTunes might make their way into the upcoming tablet upon launch.

Cupertino has made a strong foothold in the education field with the launch of iBooks 2, with hopes of killing the textbook industry in the process.

The new e-books, which are full of glossy images, videos, interactive widgets and text, will do justice to fluid like retina display the iPad 3 is expected to arrive with.

As Apple has not commented on any details so far, tech geeks are hoping to be swept off their feet, with the iPad 3 launch date less than a month away. One thing is for sure - Even if some of the rumors fall flat, the tablet's unveiling is guaranteed to be a bigger and awe-inspiring event.

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