In the past few weeks, a lot of leaks relating to iPad 3 components and expected release date made their way into the Internet and there's no way of verifying what is true and what is not, as Apple has not made any official announcement yet about its upcoming tablet. The latest leak – a photo of affront glass panel (allegedly of iPad 3) – is the clearest photo leaked yet but it has little new to reveal.

Previously, the A5X chipset image of iPad 3 was leaked, giving us a clear view of 16GB Hynix memory modules and other hardware components on it. And now the photo of front glass display panel of iPad 3 has been leaked online.

The alleged image of upcoming iPad was leaked by Chinese website via a posting on This website - – is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and requires users to register an account there to preview the original post. Previously, also was in highlights for leaking the seventh-generation iPod Nano images, and showing the 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera in the device.

In the latest photo leak, the front glass panel appears to be identical to that of iPad 2. The glass is transparent and there is a hole on the top, which is for housing the front-facing camera and ambient light sensor. The leaked image has very little else to reveal. Another site, MacRumors, said the photo shows a component that is similar to the one used in iPad 2 except for the fact that it has a relatively long ribbon cable extending up the side of the display.

Earlier, the same source, i.e.,, claimed that iPad 3 has an A5X chip set, Retina display and iOS 5.1. The rear-facing camera in iPad 3 is also expected to be capable of recording 1080p videos. And, there's another surprise - Siri – the virtual assistant - will also make its way to iPad 3. The report concludes by saying iPad 3 to go public in U.S. in March followed by UK and rest of Europe & Japan. Other market like China, India and Hong Kong will get to touch iPad 3 in summer.

The most recent leaks have all focused on various components of iPad 3, such as back casing, chipset board and front glass panel. Only a few components like camera modules and battery remain to be leaked. Perhaps we won’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

(Reported by Johnny Wills, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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