Apple hasn’t yet confirmed whether iPad 3 is real or a myth. The tech giant also hasn’t officially announced the release date of its next generation tablet. But Apple watchers believe that iPad 3 is mere weeks away from revealing itself to the world. The rumor mills have even declared that March 7 is the holy date when Apple will introduce the holy grail to the iFans at a media event in San Francisco.

If all the assumptions are true, then this is the right time to make some money by selling the older iPads – original iPad and even iPad 2 – as the launch of the new iPad will decrease the value of the older iPads. History has revealed that when the rumored release date of iPhone 4S was coming closer, people started selling their iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on eBay to collect some quick cash so that they can buy the upcoming iPhone.

Likewise, the price of iPad 2 is expected to fall after the release of iPad 3. Especially if the rumor that Apple will sell an 8 GB model of iPad 2 (with Wi-Fi only) for $199/$299 to capture the lower end tablet market, comes true. It is also rumored that a 16 GB model of iPad 2 (with Wi-Fi only) will be available for as low as $400 or even lower. Now, it is the right time to sell iPad 2 and get the best price before it loses its value. The price drop is guaranteed. You can sell your older iPad 2 now for much more bucks than $400, if it is in perfect condition.

The resale value of an older product is best just before the newer versions comes out. So if you have plans to ditch your iPad 2 for the new iPad 3, now is the best time to sell it. Doing so will also make you feel smart as you’ll know that you have managed to sell your iPad 2 at (nearly) the same price people will be buying iPad 3.

However, if you’re in no mood to sell your iPad 2 but want to part ways with the tablet, you can gift it to a friend or a relative on his/her birthday. They’ll love you for it. Or, if you want to hold onto your prized possession, iPad 2 can even serve you as a handheld gaming console or an e-book reader. After all, the iPad, irrespective of whether it is the original iPad or iPad 2, is still better than most of tablets in the market.

(Reported by Johnny Wills, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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