The March 7 special event is approaching and Apple is busy preparing for the launch of what the media expect to be iPad 3. The facade of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has acquired a completely new look - the iconic logo of a white bitten apple rests within a splash of colors.

However, on the eve of the event, Apple fans can't help but wonder whether the company's new CEO Tim Cook can pass the acid test - launch a major Apple product without Steve Jobs in the foreground (or in the background). No one can deny that the history of Apple is entwined with the story of Jobs. When the creative genius passed away suddenly in October 2011, many investors worried whether the company can continue Jobs' legacy with Cook at the helm.

Till now Cook has proved that Apple can. Under Cook, the tech giant became the most valuable company in the world and recently entered the elite $500 billion club in terms of market value.

Currently, people are speculating about the forthcoming iPad and wondering what surprise Apple has in store for them. The media invite the company sent out suggests there's no home button for the new tablet or is it something else? Will Apple name the new device as iPad 3, iPad 2S, or iPad HD? Will Apple fans welcome it with frenzy as they always do?

Who knows? But one thing is certain - this time Jobs won't be present to announce one more thing on the stage. However, Apple fans believe that his magic will continue and his legacy will carry on through the products Apple will launch every year. Indeed, Jobs may no longer be physically with Apple but his spirit lives on.

Star the slideshow to find out how Jobs enthralled the crowd during previous iPad launch events and how Apple is preparing for the upcoming March 7 event.

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