iPad 3 should get a full release March 7, but will people want the iPad 3 or iPhone 5 more? Both will be must-have devices for millions of people, and we can expect thousands of people to camp out in a couple weeks when the iPad goes on sale. But, can any device build up as much hype as the iPhone? Apple's new iPad will be the best one yet, but it is much more expensive than the iPhone, especially since they are often subsidized by mobile carriers like AT&T. A lower price makes it easier for people to afford the iPhone, but will Apple make as many revolutionary changes to the new iPhone as they seem to be planning for the iPad 3?

While Apple may introduce things like a high-resolution display, 4G LTE support and a quad-core processor in the new iPad, will people find those features as irresistible on the iPhone when it comes out? It may not be enough, and Apple may have to come up with even more new features to satisfy their enormous fan base. Perhaps, all it will take is a new physical design of the iPhone to get people to see it as the more irresistible of the two. iPad 3 is rumored to be a similar style as the iPad 2 physically, and may be even a bit thicker and heavier because of the added features.

A new tear-drop design on the next iPhone could do the trick, but Apple could even debut things like an edge-to-edge display or 3-D gestures. Additionally, iPad 3 is rumored to be debuting at a higher price than the iPad 2. Maybe all Apple would have to do with the next iPhone is debut it with a lower price, and leave out those futuristic features. Tell us in the comments if you plan to follow the iPad 2 unveiling before deciding to buy or if you're thinking about getting one no matter what Apple comes up with this time.