Many people, who have pre-ordered the new iPad are starting to get their devices. Therefore a list of apps to maximize the great potential of the high-resolution Retina display is in order.

To meet such expectations, Apple came up with a list of apps that would best illustrate the new display's capabilities. And to show it off, Apple has even created a new section of apps in the App Store, devoted particularly to the new Retina display. However, upgrading an app to Retina-level graphics is no easy job. Therefore, it may take some time to roll out the updates. Apple should be adding new apps to the list in the next several weeks.

If you got or are about to get the new iPad, you'll want the best apps to take full advantage of the new screen, so here is a list of top apps optimized for the HD Retina display:

The apps can be browsed and purchased via iTunes, but users who already own a previous version of the software can download them directly from the iPad's App Store app. While all of the above apps will suit the Retina display, some of them really stand out. They are Tweetbot, with full Retina display compatibility, as well as a new streaming option, and two apps demoed at Apple's iPad event: Autodesk drawing app SketchBook Pro, and Namco's new game - Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy.

(reported by Alexandra Burlacu, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)