iPhone 4S is an incredible gadget that is meant for people to have fun with, but Apple also wants their devices to be super easy to use. If you are reading this, you probably agree and are always looking to simplify things in your life. Good thing Apple has some tricks and tips posted on their Web site about how to use iPhone 4S to do just that. The site goes over a few quick shortcuts, but there several not on there that are worth mentioning. Here are the top five productivity tips for iPhone 4S.

Siri is your best friend when it comes to being productive. If you want to set up a meeting Siri can tell if your calender is already booked with a conflicting event/meeting and will ask you to double-check before it puts the meeting on the calender. The next tip is helpful if you are planning to meet up with a friend or relative. Using the Find My Friends app, you can temporarily share locations until you meet up. Then you can turn it off so as not to seem like you are stalking all the people in your contacts. One thing you can never have too many of are keyboard shortcuts. On iPhone 4S, try hitting the space bar twice to add a period at the end of a sentence and capitalize the next word at the same time. That one comes right from the Apple Web site, and there are plenty more like that one in the iPhone User Guide. To find it, launch the Safari browser and press the Bookmarks icon and then iPhone User Guide.

Lastly, there's a way to set up an automatic Twitter post using Siri. Just create a contact named Twitter in the address book and make sure to include the SMS number 40404. After that, you have to setup your Twitter feed via SMS on the Twitter.com Web site so it will accept your messages. Once it is all setup, just tell Siri to send Twitter a message, and the message will be sent as a tweet through your text message.

Tell us in the comments if you have any hidden tricks for iPhone 4S.