Two weeks into iPhone 4S's noteworthy existence, Apple is already working on a permanent fix for an apparent battery issue that drains the device's power much faster than Apple had promised. Battery life is always an issue for powerful tech devices, and Apple is known for having decent battery power as far as smartphones go. Perhaps that is just the problem; people know Apple products don't drain so quickly, and then when they get the newest cool gadget, it dies in only a day.

Apple has so far been very sensitive about battery life in their mobile devices. It could be the main reason the iPhone 4S doesn't have 4G capability. The high speeds would be too much for the battery. The tradeoff would be to put a bigger, bulkier battery in the device, something Apple doesn't want either because it would affect their unique designs.

When the antenna on iPhone 4 became an issue in 2010, Apple said it was no big deal. That may turn out to be the case here too because iPhone 4S broke all the sales records in its first weekend launch.

If you're having trouble with your iPhone battery, try these suggestions. Apple hasn't commented on the problem yet, so these might help until they identify the cause.

Notifications are one of the best and most convenient things about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, but turning it off could help the battery. To turn off your push notifications, or all of your notifications, go to Settings, then Notifications and press Off for any unneeded app notifications on your device. If that doesn't work or if you want to try more than one idea, you can try turning off the Setting Time Zone function.

By disabling your iPhone's ability to automatically reset the time zone upon entering a new time zone, you could save the battery for something more important. Go to Settings, then Location Services and hit Setting Time Zone. There may be a bug in iOS location tracking causing the software to check the phone's location too frequently.

The next suggestion is to disable the location services for reminders. Apple's new Reminders app can issue reminders based on proximity to places. It can be helpful to be reminded to buy some wine when going past the corner shop, but it's also killing the battery to keep checking whether you're near the shop. If you haven't used Reminders yet, it won't yet be registered in Location Services. The next step would be to disable Location Services completely.

Another idea could be to disable mail push. Go to Settings, then Mail, then Contacts & Calendar, then Fetch New Data and Push (off). You'll still get your mail, just not whenever the server pushes it out. As a last resort, you may consider doing a full restore. Be sure to save all information beforehand, because restoring it to factory settings will erase passwords, VPN, and APN settings, as well as any information you've saved. Go to Settings -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings to restore your Apple device.

Tell us if you have fixed your battery issues and how you pulled it off.

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