Amid widespread criticism shrouding Apple Maps application, a hacker has successfully managed to port the coveted Google Maps app on to Apple's recently released iOS 6, which deliberately avoided the search giant's popular service in its proprietary solution, AppleInsider has reported.

Hacker Ryan Petrich reportedly showed off the solution but did not divulge the details on how he was able to port the app over to the new operating system.

Apparently, the porting happened from version 5.1 of iOS that was installed in iPhone 3G S that was updated to iOS 6.0, but it appeared to be “crashy” and did not facilitate public distribution.

Tweets from the hacker confirm that a jailbreak is necessary to make the app functional in iOS 6 and though he is interested in releasing a public version, it is not expected anytime soon.

Meanwhile, several reports have surfaced stating that Apple is hiring former Google Maps engineers to work on Apple Maps App in an effort to spruce up the application that has been a subject of widespread ridicule ever since iOS 6 made its debut, AppleInsider has stated.

iPhone 5 Scuffs and Scrapes

Not all is going well with the iPhone 5 hardware as well, as several iPhone 5 owners have noted that their devices are coming with a variety of scrapes and scuffs out-of-the-box, The Verge reported.

Though successful sales record of the device makes it difficult to estimate the number of devices with such issues, informal poll on MacRumors forum suggests that over 400 devices were found with some kind of damage.

Though it is not clear how the scuffs occur, according to AllThingsD, iPhone 5's case made of anodized aluminum is more susceptible to scratches than stainless steel cases used in iPhone 4 and 4S.

Apple is yet to make a statement on the issue, but for those who prefer the perfect handsets, it may be fruitful to take the device to a local Apple store and seeking an exchange, The Verge has added.