Google maps

Google Maps Shows Covid-19 Hot Spots

Google is updating its free mapping service this week with color-coding that maps out areas infected with Covid-19 cases, the search giant said in a blog post Thursday.

Google Maps Is Now A Social Network

Google announced in a blog entry that users can now follow other Google Maps users to stay updated on their posts about places, whether it's a photo, review or list.

Motorola Razr Gets Android 10 Update: What's New?

Motorola is now rolling out the Android 10 update for the Razr foldable. This update introduces a slew of new features that will make the device, particularly the external Quick View display, more useful. Here's a quick rundown as to the new features that come via the new update.

UFO Expert Spots 2 Alien Bases On Mars Using Google

While exploring Mars using Google’s online map, a UFO expert claimed to have spotted two structures on the Red Planet. According to the expert, the structures could be bases that were built by alien civilizations that lived on Mars.