Since the release date of the newest Apple smartphone the iPhone 5 in the U.S., many have tried getting their hands on the newest device. People gathered in long lines or on standby on their computers to buy the new phone. Even Danny Granger of the Indiana Pacers wanted one so badly that he solicited his Twitter followers with a deal to buy him an iPhone 5 and, in return, score one for themselves for free.

The mayhem even inspired a group of mischief-makers in the Netherlands to pull a prank on passerbys by enticing a new iPhone. According to Yahoo News, a group of pranksters from Amsterdam from the website super glued an iPhone 5 to the ground in the middle of Leidseplein square and watched people walking by frantically trying to pick it up. The catch was, the prank was all caught on video.

Reactions of the glued iPhone ranged from people trying to pick it up repeatedly, to one person who tried kicking the phone to cut it loose, since the phone will not be released in the Netherlands until this Friday.

After the video was uploaded to YouTube, it went viral and garnered more than 1 million views as of Tuesday morning.