It seems rumors will not die until Apple finally unleashes its next generation iPhone, popularly dubbed as iPhone 5.

The latest addition to the long list of speculations is the launch of the most-hyped iPhone on June 15, the last day of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The latest information came from iPhone 5 News Blog, which has cited inside source in Asia to get the report that a June release date for iPhone 5 seemed likely. 

Reportedly, Apple's traditional developers' expo this year will run from June 11 through 15, and the rumor mill is already churning about the anticipated launch of the purported iPhone 5 during that time.

Apple has always been unpredictable when it comes to packing in features and releasing its devices.

The same happened last time when Apple fanboys were predicting and expecting the release of iPhone 5. Apple released a meager upgrade of the existing iPhone 4, dubbed as iPhone 4S instead of the talked-about iPhone 5. This time too, while enthusiasts were expecting to see iPad 3 Apple changed the name of the device and launched it as New iPad.

Some experts believe that Apple will maintain the same launch cycle in the coming years, offering each new iPhone at least one-year life. If this theory is to be believed, then Apple fans have to wait for another six months to see the new iPhone. Also, it seems right for Apple to provide their fans with enough leeway to be able to afford the next device as well as shareholders to make maximum profit out of the device.

Therefore, the bottom line is, whatever we speculate, the company, which has always been known for being unpredictable, will continue to be so and will surprise us pleasantly for sure.

Now let's give a look at the design concepts and features of the most-anticipated phone of the year. As we always say, read all these features with a pinch of salt (we accept by now our readers have heightened their blood pressure level with so much salt!)

Fans clamoring for the unreleased iPhone have already developed eighteen gorgeous concept designs. That again proves how strong the Apple frenzy is!

Apple iPhone 5 Concepts

Federico Ciccarese has developed the iPhone Air concept, in which iPhone 5 looks extremely thin and sports an edge-to-edge design. In this design, the Apple device looks almost similar to the MacBook Air. And, the most gorgeous aspect of the design is the bright Apple logo that shines through the darkness when the set is off.

In another equally interesting concept design, designer Antonello Falcone has given a Size Zero shape to the iPhone 5. In this design iPhone comes with a full edge-to-edge screen and sports a bigger screen (don't be too hopeful as the chance of bigger screen is thin). And, the back of the phone is slightly curved, suggesting a thinner teardrop shape.

ADR Studio has delivered a stunning and original design that shows a SIM-free device, an idea that Apple has been exploring for a while now. The design also mentions a LED-powered edge to show the battery life of the New iPhone 2012.

Features of Apple iPhone 5

As we mentioned earlier, Apple is still tight-lipped about the features of the iPhone 5. And, that silence has given birth to a host of rumors that are even wild at times.

On March 21, Reuters reported that Apple had ordered 4.6-inch screens for the company's next iPhone. Reuters cited a South Korean publication, the Maeli Business Newspaper, which again quoted an unnamed industry source.  

However, within two days of this news, another report surfaced from iMore's editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie stating the Apple is most likely to retain the current 3.5-inch screen for the iPhone 5 but will introduce some new features. He also mentioned that the device would be released in October. Ritchie has always been the perfect predictor of Apple's acts. He had made the right calls about Apple's last iPhone, iPhone 4S and predicted the new iPad's March 7 release.

Another source of 9to5Mac, however, claimed that the prototypes of Foxconn suggest that Apple will make the device at least 4-inch and would retain the rectangular shape of its predecessors.

Apart from the display, other rumors about the iPhone 5 suggest that the latest Apple smartphone will introduce radio bands for 4G LTE in the iPhone 5. And, if rumors come true, then the company will have to make the device a little thicker to accommodate a larger circuit board and a bigger battery. This was the reason why Apple rejected the plan of implementing 4G LTE in its iPhone 4S. Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a company earnings conference call in April 2011, said first-generation LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises.

Let's not forget that Apple has applied for a new patent application. According to Patently Apple, Apple has invented a killer 3D imaging camera that will apply to both still photography and video. The new cameras in development will utilize new depth-detection sensors such as LIDAR, RADAR and Laser that will create stereo disparity maps in creating 3D imagery. Additionally, the cameras will use advanced chrominance and luminance Sensors for superior color accuracy.

Apple might also offer a universal remote control feature in its next gen iPhone, claims Patently Apple. According to a recent report from Patently Apple the universal remote control feature is likely to be integrated into a future iPhone (or other iOS device) instead of it being an add-on app at the App Store. The advanced features being added to Apple remote could be signaling their preparation for a standalone HDTV as it's to control a television and other related entertainment devices.

Another interesting rumor suggests that the company has planned to feature ultrasonic bonding. Again that report came from Patently Apple, which said: On March 15, 2012, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that refines an older 2008 patent on using Ultrasonic bonding in products like the 2009 metal back iPhone and current iPods.

Among other features, Apple is also expected to launch iWallet, for which the company won a major patent on March 6. This digital system will give users complete control over their subsidiary financial accounts on their iPhones and leverage Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to complete credit card transactions through phone.

Also, the new iPhone 5 might include a special and revolutionary feature that would allow multi-player gaming, according to a patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on March 15.

Apple might also use a crack-resistant glass, for which the company won patent on Nov. 15.

Other expected features of the iPhone 5 include improved Retina Display, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, Waterproof Nanotech Coating, Quad-Core Processor, Updated iOS with Siri 2 and Wireless Charging.