With less than a day to go before the next generation of iPhones are revealed a hoax email, though nothing more than a computer virus, has added to the hype through its depiction of a slightly slimmer see-through version of the iPhone 4.

Introducing the iPhone that lets you do more than ever. And do it amazingly faster, is the opening line of the email, received and tweeted by technology journalist Abram Wagenaar.

The email sent from the email address news@apple.com  equipped with an order now button has been reported to link to the Mal/Zapchas-A virus, ironically only specific to Windows operating systems. It is an old virus that most updated antimalware programs will deter, the antimalware vendor, Sophos reported.

The rumor mill continues to turn for the iPhone 5 with rumors of a larger display, sleeker design, an improved battery life, improved camera, flash, 4g compatibility, better processing power, and cloud compatibility. But the truth is no one even knows if there is even going to be a release of the next iPhone generation at Tuesday's much anticipated Apple event.

Apple sent out a cryptic invite to their events, titled Let's talk iPhone, suggestive that the phone will be unveiled. The invitation was made up of four Apple icons depicted the time, date location of events together with a 1 over the phone icon that suggests only one phone will be released.  

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who covers Apple, said the let's talk tag line is a less-than-subtle hint that Apple may be planning to deliver voice-recognition advances the company has been working on, according to Fortune, since it acquired Siri almost 18 months ago.

Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook, will be taking over from Steve Jobs to host Tuesday's big event, but until then the rumor mill will keep turning.