Apple is a couple of steps away from announcing the arrival of the most anticipated iPhone 5 to the U.S. smartphone market after a long cacophony of rumors about its release date and expected specifications.

Media reports suggest the phone will certainly arrive sometime in October. According to New York Times report, iPhone 5 is just a few weeks away, while TechCrunch indicates the release date to be Oct.15. 9to5Mac hints an earlier release on Oct.7, which is similar to the predictions of the consumer electronic retailer Best Buy.

However, with the phone heading its release, the rumor bubble of the expected specs created by the tech experts and developers has burst and here is a list of rumored features that could have turned iPhone 5 invincible, but they seem improbable.

Flash Support:

With the iPhone becoming more powerful, hardware has become less of an issue. Apple turned against Adobe Flash, calling it power-hungry and prone to crashing.


4G offers high download and upload speed compared to 3G applications. 4G network allows roaming wireless in local areas and high data rates with 100 Mbit/s wireless service. It also offers the ability to utilize high definition video and the video conferencing features of mobile devices attached to a 4G network. The iPhone 5 is not 4G supportive, as LTE chip price will not match Apple’s cost effective strategies and it may be difficult for the company to maintain the slimness in iPhone.

Loud Speakers:

Apple can make slim iPhones by using condensed memory, smaller processors and powerful batteries, but speakers will ruin the miniaturization. Speakers move air and create sound, so bigger speakers are always effective. The speaker on the iPhone 4 is one of the weakest, worst performers of any self-respecting smartphone. Apple focuses more on the design, so the company would rather sacrifice the functionality of the speaker.


The email system in iPhone is too simple and there is no way to delete the emails except for one by one. If you want to send an email as ‘priority’ this is not possible.

Thunderbolt Port:

Thunderbolt Port makes the data flow and connectivity lightening fast. The iPad 3 and iPhone 5 is expected to support Thunderbolt port, but the iPhone 5 will not support the port, reducing the possibility of a fast data transfer between the smartphone and iOS devices.


Though the keyboard in iPhone gets the job done it is not perfect. The Blackberry Storm series of phones from RIM has a better keyboard. In vertical mode, RIM has an ingenious reduced-set keyboard that was only five keys across and four keys tall. Apple is unlikely to adopt a new keyboard system.