Smartphone users with slippery fingers may be in luck with the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3. According to TechRadar, a company that produces water-repellent gadgets has been talking with Korean manufacturers about liquid-proof parts.

The company, called P2i, intends to create a standard that applies to all smartphone manufactures, keeping their devices water-resistant. This would cut down the number of network repairs and replacements caused by liquid-related damage.

There is major interest from carriers in the U.S. to discuss criteria to help against water ingestion for customers, Eric Cohill, COO for P2i said to TechRadar.

Motorola has already agreed to use the technology in its phones and tablets, including the Xoom 2. And according to P2i, the 'fruity' companies Apple and Blackberry are also interested.

There are several hundred-pound gorillas in the phone industry, we've got the fruity companies and the big Korean brands, and they're all becoming interested [in our technology] as they don't want to be second best in the market, Cohill said, reported TechRadar.

Cell phone users have taken some drastic steps in the past to preserve saturated electronics. Here are some quick fixes that you may not have heard of:

1. Remove the Battery. After rescuing the device, remove the battery as quickly as possible. Leaving the battery in could cause short circuits and damage the phone even further.

2. Refrigerate Your Phone. It turns refrigerators aren't just for food and beverages. Although it sounds strange, cooling your phone helps extract the moisture from the electronic. Leave it in for 30 minutes, and then take it out for 10. Repeat this process until the phone is dry. However, don't try this with the freezer.

3. Place Your Phone on a TV. This is one of the simplest methods when it comes to mending water damage. The low-heat emitted by cable boxes can dry the phone, although the process can take up to three days.

4. Rice. Submersing your phone in a container of rice facilitates the drying process, as it can absorb large amounts of moisture.

5. Socks and Sand. Similar to the rice method, placing your phone in a sock or pantyhose filled with silica sand or cat litter will dry the phone. This can also take up to three days.