Much of iPhone 5 rumored specs are predictions based upon the new iPad features, smartphone rivalry/competition and Apple's behavior. Rumors about the next iPhone featuring 4.6-inch display are neither based on iPad nor on Apple's behavior. It is just a false prediction based on the day-by-day hardening competition in the market where rivals like Samsung, Motorola and HTC are releasing some big-screen Android smartphones.

People say that Apple needs to equip its next flagship model with a bigger screen, if it wants to crush rising competition and give a complete multimedia experience to users. It is speculated that Samsung's next flagship model - Galaxy S3 is coming with 4.7- or 4.8-inch screen. So, bloggers say that the next iPhone needs a bigger screen to save it from getting killed by Galaxy S3.

But, we do not think that way. Apple is always sticking to 3.5-inch screen size for its iPhone and 9.7-inch screen for iPad. The rumors about 4.6-inch screen in the upcoming iPhone are like going on a hunting trip on a moonless night.

There are different notions about iPhone 5. The rumor mill has a lot of buzz about different iPhone screen sizes. Apple is unlikely to change the screen size in the upcoming iPhone. But, in the unlikely event it does, the possibility of iPhone 5 packing a 4-inch screen is higher than Apple equipping its next smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen. Even some reports say that it will have 4.3-inch screen like Galaxy S2 but improved 720p resolution.

Apple iPhone has always been admired for its ease of use. On a bigger screen, however, single-hand operations cannot be performed with ease. Pocket-fitting phones with decent screen size, design and specs are always a massive hit in market. The concept of iPhone with a bigger screen voids Apple's ease-of-use offering.

Similar to the iPhone 5 with 4.6-inch screen, the iPad Mini rumors are complete nonsense. The main tablet war is between Apple iPad and Android tablet with 10-inch screen like Asus Transformer and Samsung Galaxy tablets. Seven inch tablets are successful only when they have a budget price tag, around $200, like Amazon Kindle Fire, Blackberry Playbook and Barnes & Noble Nook tablet. However, the features of these tablets cannot be compared to the iPad. And, Apple will never downgrade its iPad specs and make it that much cheap.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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