With the debut of the Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the internet had been busy tossing comparisons back and forth between iOS and Android.

Longtime Android users have touted the benefits of Samsung’s Android handsets. Yet with the global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just days before Apple launched its highly anticipated new model, some users may want to weigh the options of a switch. Here are five signs you might be the next Android-to-iPhone convert.

1. You’re Excited About Apple Pay

Apple's new payment feature is quickly becoming one of the best mobile-payment systems. The payment platform is already accepted at many major retailers and Apple is already working with many major banks and credit card companies.

2. You’re Ready For New Accessories

Although the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 includes an S-Pen stylus, a lot of buzz has surrounded Apple’s new AirPods. Apple’s newest iteration of earbuds are wireless and boast high-quality AAC audio. Brands have already rolled out a new selection of wireless headphones, screen protectors and Lightening adapters for the new phone.

3. You Want New Apps ASAP

Developers still tend to design the best apps for iOS systems first. Since Apple pushes constant updates, better features tend to come through the iOS versions.

4. You’re Not A Risk-Taker

The Android Galaxy Note 7 is no doubt an exceptional phone – some of its features include the new S-Pen, its iris scanner and 5.7-inch edge-to-edge display. But after Samsung issued a global recall of the devices because of reports of the phone’s battery spontaneously combusting, it might be time to switch to Apple.

5. You Yearn For Electronic Consistency

Maybe you already have the MacBook Air, iPad, perhaps even an Apple Watch -- yet you’re still using the Android. Because of the incompatibility of the two systems, the discrepancy can make it difficult to carry over music or videos from iTunes (files can be moved in a File Transfer, but automatic synching is not an option here).