The iPhone 5 is sure to be a powerful mobile device with plenty of functionality. However, one thing that has always been difficult on the iPhone is playing games. The touch screen's response time can be a little slow. The touch screen controls can also be a bit imprecise. Even worse, gamers' fingers can get in the way of what's happening on-screen.

With games like Angry Birds, mobile gaming on the iPhone has always been a casual affair. The hardcore gamers have only had a passing interest in the iPhone, sticking mostly to Nintendo's 3DS, or the PlayStation Portable.

So here are a few suggestions to make gaming a better experience for the iPhone5, and maybe capture some more of that gaming market.


Physical feedback is an essential part of gaming. Touch screens are too nebulous and sometimes just don't register button pushes. For good gaming, players have to feel the buttons they are pressing. A few buttons would be nice, but just one shoulder-like button on the side of the device would do the trick. This would especially help First Person Shooters on the platform, which are the most awkward games to play on the iPhone.

Ports and Peripherals

If we can't get anymore buttons on the iPhone5, how about a controller? A smartly designed control can be small yet function, and vastly improve users' ability to play games. The controller could plug into the bottom of the iPhone, and maybe come with a little stand to help stand the iPhone up. It might be a little cumbersome, but think of all the great old-school games they could port to the iPhone.

More Power

Not only would longer battery life be appreciated, but also a better graphics chip and more RAM. Good thing rumors say the iPhone5 will have 1GB of RAM (twice as much as the iPhone4) with Apple's A5 chip with an intergraded SGX 543MP2. That will make the iPhone5 nearly as powerful as the iPad2.

A Better Screen

The iPhone's accelerometer is a great way to control games, but the constant twisting of the iPhone can cause some awkward angles to occur that can be pretty difficult to see the game from. Not only would a bigger screen be appreciated (rumors say around 4), a screen with wider viewing angles would be great too.

Kinect -Like Controls

The iPhone already has a camera, so why not integrate the camera into its games? The Kinect is one of Xbox360's most popular peripherals at the moment, which has a camera that views gamers' movements and uses them to control the game. The ability to wave your hand to move an on-screen character would solve a lot of problems. And say you could make a little gun using your figures and shoot it with your thumb movements. The possibilities are endless. However, this functionality might be a more taxing than the iPhone's processors to handle.